Unable to install metaphlan using docker image

I have not been able to install metaphlan using the docker image. I had no trouble installing humann with the docker image. Is there any reason that the metaphlan image would not work in the same way? I am using singularity to make a module to install on a CHPC.

Hi, which Docker image are you referring to? Can you provide a log with the errors you are experiencing?

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Yes, I have tried

They all failed with similar log files. I have the docker://biobakery/metaphlan:3.0.1 log file attached.containerBuild8726398.outerror.txt (6.6 KB)

It seems that this issue is related to Singularity. Can you provide the command line you used to convert the Docker image to a SIF?

Even I am facing the problem with docker pull. I am getting the error as following. Couldn’t figure out where it is going wrong? Please help.

It looks like you don’t have permissions to write in /usr.
@lauren.j.mciver , should Docker be able to write in there?

/usr has all read, write and execute permissions.