Humann3 Docker Dependencies

I am trying to use the Biobakery’s Docker container through Singularity. When I run it on the test data, I get a couple of errors. Specifically:

(1) WARNING: Can not call software version for bowtie2

  • I believe from another forum post I have read that this is simply a warning, especially in the context of the docker container where I confirmed that bowtie2 is already installed, but I just want to make extra-sure.

(2) ERROR: Unable to create folder for database install: /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/metaphlan/metaphlan_databases

  • This is where I am a little more stuck. I already have a metaphlan database (that has been built out) in a different location. Is there a way that I can specify this alternative location within the command? I’ve looked at the possible options, and have tried specifying the location with several, but they all break.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. If there are good spots to look for how to with the Docker objects, I’m open to that as well.