Conda install humann3.8 demo run fails with diamond version that can't be updated

I installed humann v3.8 in micromamba using these instructions: humann3 · biobakery/biobakery Wiki · GitHub

When I run the demo file with: 'humann --input demo.fastq.gz --output demo_fastq --input-format fastq.gz`, I get the error message:
CRITICAL ERROR: Please update diamond from version 0.9.24 to version 2.0.15

Then, try to update diamond: micromamba install -c bioconda diamond=2.0.15

and get dependency compatibility issues:
error libmamba Could not solve for environment specs
The following package could not be installed
└─ diamond 2.0.15** is not installable because it requires
└─ boost-cpp >=1.70.0,< , which conflicts with any installable versions previously reported.

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You definitely want to upgrade to DIAMOND 2.0 as we found a critical error on the v0.9 branch that is corrected in v2.0.

I haven’t used micromamba for installs before. I know this is possible with a basic conda install. If you’re not working in a fresh conda environment you could also try that.