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Diamond error running humann

hello boys. I have problems when i use humann, when I use the example demo.fastq.gz, I can successfully get the result: three .tsv documents. However, when i use my metagenome sequence data .fq(it is 12G), I always get error from diamond, it only show the message error form diamond, and i can not finished the analysis, so anyone can help me? because i do not know the reason.

the following is the error message:

CRITICAL ERROR: Error executing: /home/z/miniconda3/envs/biobakery3/bin/diamond blastx --query /mnt/f/database/humann/WAM5_humann_temp/WAM5_bowtie2_unaligned.fa --evalue 1.0 --threads 1 --top 1 --outfmt 6 --db /mnt/f/database/uniref/uniref90_201901b_full --out /mnt/f/database/humann/WAM5_humann_temp/tmpm8rcuv_r/diamond_m8_7q30ns20 --tmpdir /mnt/f/database/humann/WAM5_humann_temp/tmpm8rcuv_r

Error message returned from diamond :
diamond v2.0.11.149 (C) Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science
Documentation, support and updates available at
Please cite: Nature Methods (2021)

It looks like you have diamond 2.0 installed, however HUMAnN 3.0 is designed for use with the endpoint of the previous diamond lineage, which I believe was 0.9.36. You could install HUMAnN 3.0 into something like a conda environment in order to have access to both versions of the diamond software.