Deletion of data / Secondary use of data

I would like to use the Galaxy/hutlab format to write a paper about gut microbiota.

So, I would like to ask four questions in order to apply to the IRB.
①If an unregistered user uploads gut microbiota data, how long does the data take to be deleted? I want to know the exact period.
② After the data is completely deleted, will it never be restored?
③Will the data stored on your site, Galaxy/hutlab be used without the consent of the uploader?
④Will my uploaded data and analysis results are seen by anyone other than me?

I have already browsed the following sites:
Managing Datasets in Galaxy - Galaxy Community Hub
Downloading and Deleting Data in Galaxy

Hello @K_T ,

  1. As mentioned in the welcome page, the tools are available here without account creation. However, you are strongly invited to create an account for having access to the history, saved analyses, datasets and workflows. For unregistered user, there is no guarantee for data integrity.
  2. Yes, deleted data will not be restored.
  3. Data stored on site, Galaxy/hutlab be will not be shared or used by others, unless the consent of the uploader.
  4. Uploaded data and analysis results are only seen by you and the galaxy admins (if needed)