No Tabular Dataset Available

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am sorry to be bothering about what might be a rudimentary question. I can’t seem to manage to upload my file (Tab Delimited Text) for the LefSe analysis onto the Galaxy Server (“no tabular datasets available”). I have tried downloading other people’s txt files that have worked in the past, but still get the same message. Is there any thing I could do to fix this?

Thank You.

Kostas Stiklioraitis

Hi Kostas !
First, I want to apologize for the delayed response.
How big is your file ?
I tried to upload a file now and uploading is working.
So why don’t we try the following: In the Lefse screen we provide a sample file. Can you download that file to your machine and try to upload it to Galaxy ?
Let me know,
Best regards,
George Weingart PhD
Huttenhower Lab