Plot LefSe Results error

I was able to run hmp_small_aerobiosis.txt thru LefSe pipeline. However, I get stuck at 3rd step, Plot LefSe Results with my own data. I think I have formatted the file correctly. When I click on View Data, I get following error " The image “http:/” cannot be displayed because it contains errors." When I click on Edit attributes, I get error “No differentially abundant features found in /export/galaxy-central/database/files/003/651/dataset_3651196.dat”. I would appreciate if you could help me with this. Thanks. Gurjit

Hi Gurjit,
As the message suggests, there is nothing to plot because no differentially abundant features were found–in other words, your data may have been formatted correctly and the analysis run correctly, but if there are no significantly different features, the plot will produce an error.
Hope that helps,