Outdated QIIME usage instructions - interested in an update?

I noticed that the usage instructions for loading HUMAnN data for downstream analysis in QIIME are very dated (they refer to QIIME 1 which was succeeded by QIIME 2 in 2018). I recently put some functionality together for loading HUMAnN data in QIIME 2 (described here). Would you be interested in a pull request updating the instructions in the HUMAnN README (or where ever you think is most relevant) to refer to this new functionality?

Hi Greg, I agree the HUMAnN User Manual (readme.md) is very dated with respect to QIIME. If you would submit a PR updating that section of the documentation, please assign me and @franzosa as reviewers, that would be great.

Thank you,

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Sounds good @lauren.j.mciver, I’ll get that in before too long.

Related to that work, I posted a question a little while back that I never heard back on. Could someone help with that as it’ll let me know which versions of HUMAnN and MetaPhlan can be used with QIIME 2 through the approach I’ll write about.

Hi @gregcaporaso - I’ll take a look at the other question. It looks like it got posted to a parent topic and we’ve had issues with those not pinging the right people for review (vs. the individual tool topics). Sorry about that!

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Thanks @franzosa - I suspected something like that might have been the case. I wasn’t sure where that question should be posted since it spanned a couple of tools.

@franzosa, @lauren.j.mciver, my posts are getting flagged and hidden, including the question @franzosa suggested that I ask the Metaphlan team. Can you please advise on how I should address this?

@gregcaporaso Strange - I’m guessing the MetaPhlAn output confused the spam checker (I have seen it do similar things with messages that contained almost entirely code / error messages vs. English text). I’ve never seen it go back and hide all of a user’s posts though! :open_mouth: I think I managed to approve / restore everything - let me know if anything is missing?

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Seems to be all good now, thanks @franzosa!