Human and metaphlan file formats

Hi all,
I’ve been working on a QIIME 2 plugin to facilitate using HUMANn 3 and Metaphlan 3 output with downstream tools in QIIME 2 (taxonomy/functional category plots, ordination, etc). The file formats that I’m specifically focused on at the moment are the HUMANn 3 gene family and pathway abundance tables and the metaphlan merged abundance table (small examples of all three can be found here). I have a couple of questions related to this work.

First, are there changes to the output file formats between HUMANn 3 and 3.5, or between Metaphlan 3 and 4?

Second, are there example output files around anywhere that I could use in my testing? I’ve pulled a few from my own work and from the docs, but I was wondering if there is a canonical set that you use for testing on your end that might facilitate testing of 3rd party tools.

Note that the plugin is not ready for use in production environments yet. If there is interest from the community here, I’m happy to post a note on it when it’s ready. (Also happy to have any feedback, including suggestions for a new name! :slight_smile: )

Thank you!

Hi all, Just wanted to follow up to see if anyone could provide input on these questions. Thanks!