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File format 'maaslin' not available in Get Data

After a few months of not using maaslin I uploaded a file but realized while uploading my file that the file format ‘maaslin’ is no longer available in the drop down menu. I tried tabular and txt but that did not work. Can you please let me know which file format to use? Thanks!

Hi @marrieta,

I assume you are currently working with the galaxy version that requires a pcl file? I’m not sure why that isn’t working - we haven’t updated the galaxy version of MaAsLin recently. MaAsLin has undergone significant changes since the galaxy version that are available through R (Bioconductor) - I suggest running MaAsLin in R as a result - see this tutorial for more information. If you are looking to compare to previous results and need to do this through galaxy - can you provide us with some more details? It seems to run on a plain text file I have on the server.

I did not know about running MaAsLin in R. This is fantastic, thanks!


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