Error occured in the dataset using Maslin2

As lefse issue being fixed, I am using MaAsLin2 (Galaxy tool version 1.8.0) to identify the differentially abundant species in the 2 groups. I could successfully import the data and execute but the next step which generates the final zip folder containing results and other pdf results are not being generated and the following error message is being printed.


An error occurred with this dataset:

[1] “Creating output feature tables folder” [1] “Creating output fits folder” [1] “Creating output figures folder” 2024-02-15 09:44:28.151659 INFO::Writing function arguments to log file 2024-02-15 09:44:28.168053 INFO::Verifying options selected are val

I have also the same error!

Hi Everyone,

If you want to set:

“Display additional analysis types and arguments advanced parameters” to yes. That should display all the parameters that maaslin2 needs to accurately analyze the dataset you are looking at. (i.e. indicate which fixed effects you want to use etc.)

Jacob Nearing