Cannot install GraPhlAn

I am having trouble trying to install GraPhlAn using ubuntu. I have already created a separate environment. I don’t understand why it cannot find matplotlib.

(graphlan) sasaki@LAPTOP-9GD:~$ mamba install -c bioconda -c biobakery -c conda-forge python=3.7 graphlan

Could not solve for environment specs
Encountered problems while solving:
  - nothing provides matplotlib 1.4* needed by graphlan-1.0.0-py27_0

The environment can't be solved, aborting the operation```

Hi @sasakitomiyano ,

I think graphlan is not being able to find the right version of matplotlib for your install. Can you try the following commands to check your matplotlib version please?

import matplotlib

Also, can you try the following command for the matplotlib installation.

pip install matplotlib==1.4



I was able to download GraPhlAn but I had to use conda (instead of mamba). Thank you for your help!