Can any one share a mapping file with me?

Hello, I am a new to bioBakery. I have a DNAseq dataset with a lot of metadata information such as different experiments, sample categories.

I find a mapping file in the tutorial is really simple like this

# wts wms
wts_1 wms_1
wts_2 wms_2

I am wondering if I would like to do downstream analysis. For example, group my samples in different categories, do nMDS anaylses etc.

What is the mapping file looks like for “real research data”

I used something like this in my recent analysis.


Thank you!

BTW, the first column “barcode_type” is the just a sample name? or it has to be exact be same as the fastq file name in the input folder?

OR you have another several fastq/fasta file list of each barcode sequences? Do you mind take a screen snapshots of your input file folders? I use Paired-end sequencing. For each sample, you should have two names in your first column (foward and reverse)?