Error in code when mapping samples during wmgx_wmtx worfklow

So I have been running the wmgx_wmtx workflow, and I have noticed a certain error when I have metatranscriptome and metagenome samples with similar names.
When all the paired metatranscriptome and metagenome samples have similar names, there is no need for a mapping file. When the paired samples have different names, it is needed.
The problem occurs when some of the samples have similar names, while other pairs don’t.
For example:

metagenomes    metatranscriptomes
ABC                      ABC
DEF                      GHI

The code leaves the different names (e.g. DEF, GHI) but not the similar ones, like ‘ABC’.
The code compares the names of the samples by using two map objects with sample names as keys and ordered indices as items.
For example, the map object of metagenome sample names looks like this:

dna_samples = {'CSM5FZ3T': 0, 'CSM5MCTZ': 1, 'CSM5MCU4': 2, 'CSM5MCUG': 3,...}

While the metatranscriptome samples look like this:

rna_samples = {'CSM5FZ3T': 0, 'CSM5MCTZ_P': 1, 'CSM5MCU4_P': 2, 'CSM5MCUG_P': 3,...}

The code will delete the sample name ‘CSM5FZ3T’, from the dna_sample object.
It will look like this:

dna_samples = {'CSM5MCT': 1, 'CSM5MCU4': 2, 'CSM5MCUG': 3,...}

The lines responsible for this are found in biobakery_workflows/scripts/, lines 212-3:

                    del dna_samples[dna_name]