About uniref90_v2019b

Today I tried to run humann3 for the example fastq file and got the error message as "

The directory provided for the translated database contains files ( uniref90_v201901b.dmnd ) that are not of the expected version. Please install the latest version of the database: v201901_v31. I followed the instruction to install uniref90_diamond full database. However, I was told it does not work. I could not find the latest version for the index database.

Did you install the software from source? The v201901_v31 databases have not been tagged to an official release yet. If you install the current public version (3.0.1) you should not see this error.

Thank you so much, Franzosa. I have figured out the problem. I rebuilt the database using Diamond 0.9.36. The original database installed from the source is for Diamond 0.9.24.

I tried two SRR files from a GEO dataset (related to antibiotics and microbiome). One is successfully completed with the identification of genes and pathways (although some genes are unknown, a little surprising). However, another one generated null. However, when I tried these two RNA-seq data files using Kraken2, both work with the identification of genera. Is there any problem here? Thanks again.