HUMAnN3 diamond uniref problem

In HUMAnN3 I use diamond to align uniref databases: uniref50_annotated_v201901, uniref50_ec_filtered_v201901, uniref90_annotated_v201901. However, uniref90_ec_filtered_v201901 does not work out. It is said, Database was built with a different version of Diamond and is incompatible.
So which version of diamond do I choose to use?

Hmm, that’s an error that you get if you use a DIAMOND 0.8 database with DIAMOND 0.9 (or vice versa). The v201901 databases should all be built for DIAMOND 0.9 only. Are you sure that the diamond you are using for alignment in 0.9? Can you do a diamond --version check?