Update Bioconda to latest version?

Kneaddata on bioconda appears to still be at v0.7.4, but on github there are a couple of more recent tags (though neither are synced with github releases).

Might be helpful to set up a GH action to automate pushing a conda release whenever you make a github release (eg. here… there are a couple of other templates too. Github releases also create tags, so this would keep all 3 in sync.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the post and sorry for any confusion! We have all of the latest kneaddata versions (minus one) available in Anaconda cloud through the biobakery profile: https://anaconda.org/biobakery . The latest kneaddata version (v0.8.0) has a new paired end reads filtering setting that we are currently double checking internally to confirm it meets our expectations before we push this new default to the package managers we support (ie pypi, conda, docker). We should have this release ready to push soon. We had just tagged it in github so we have the version documented for our tests and local module installs.

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Oh neat - wasn’t aware of this. Wonder if it’s possible / worth it to throw a warning up on the Bioconda pages