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Unable to download and install Kneaddata database

HI, I have insttalled kneaddata via pip install. Now, I am trying to download and install kneaddata database by the following command:
kneaddata_database --download human_genome bowtie2 ~/Desktop/
But, it reverts following error:

 Download URL:
CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to download and extract from URL:

The download link is also not working when I tried to open the link from my browser.


Hi user,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We had a server outage last week due to which kneaddata_database --download human_genome bowtie2 ~/Desktop/ was failing.

It should work now.


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I am experiencing the same error today as DC7 had reported regarding downloading the human_genome database that you provided. I installed kneaddata using conda, and used the following code in a ssh:

kneaddata_database --download human_genome bowtie2 ./human_genome

Would you be able to assist please?

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I think may be due to server problem…
Please try after sometime… my problem was solved when I tried again after few hours…