Problem with lefse analysis

i am trying to run lefse from my file but couldn’t do with any version of galaxy. i am running so many error as I couldn’t understand the error mean. Can some please guide me how I will format my file to do it.
#error 1: to count lines in file /export/galaxy-central/database/files/015/dataset_15619.dat
error 2: Number of significantly discriminative features: 29 ( 45 ) before internal wilcoxon
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/galaxy_venv/bin/”, line 33, in
sys.exit(load_entry_point(‘lefse==1.1.2’, ‘console_scripts’, 'lefse_ru
fecal galaxy3.txt (41.7 KB)

Hi Hina,

Thank you for reaching out to the biobakery lab and apologies for the inconvenience. The Hutlab Galaxy was under maintenance update which has been resolved now. Please feel free to try the lefse tools again in Galaxy | Hutlab Galaxy and let me know if any issues.


Hi Sagunmaharjann,
I’m really confused because I generated results with lefse on galaxy on February 7, 2023. I forgot to retrieve the LDA scoreboards. I’m back today with the same input .txt file and the LDA scores are no longer the same! Why not? What updates have been made? I don’t get it at all! can someone explain why I get different results with the exact same input file?

Thank you so much