Mislabeled Supplemental Dataset in DOI:10.1038/s41564-017-0084-4

Hi all,
Was looking through the supplemental data of the paper Metatranscriptome of human faecal microbial communities in a cohort of adult men and the supplemental data file “Data Set 2” appears to have been uploaded incorrectly. It’s supposed to be the transcriptomic output, but it’s the same file as “Data Set 3” and the number of columns suggests that it contains the metagenome data, not the metatranscriptome data.

Does anyone have the correct file handy?

Hi @Stephen ,

Thank you for posting in bioBakery forum and apologies for the delay. Please find the “Data Set 2” attached below.

starr_merged_pathabundance_RNA_with_GAP_FILL.tsv (4.4 MB)


Thank you so much, Sagun.