Metaphlan profile not showing any relative abundance

I used prefetch tool of “SRA-TOOLKIT-2.9.6” was used to download SRR11048974 (.sra file). It was converted to .fastq file by fastq-dump of SRA-TOOLKIT. this .fastq file was analysed by “MetaPhlAn version 2.96.1 (02 Feb 2020)”. But both the “SRR11048974.fastq.bowtie2out.txt” and profile “SRR11048974.txt” files are not giving expected result. It shows:
#/home/deep/miniconda3/bin/ SRR11048974.fastq --input_type fastq --nproc 4
#SampleID Metaphlan2_Analysis
#clade_name NCBI_tax_id relative_abundance
UNKNOWN -1 100.0”

I am facing same output for many other files also.
But i found good results when run the example samples given in tutorial link (
I’m a newbie in this field. please help me in simple understandable language.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry we missed this thread earlier. SRR11048974 appears to be 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing data, whereas MetaPhlAn is designed for use with shotgun sequencing data.

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Okay Franzosa, now I understand. Thanks a lot.