Is Lefse analysis appropriate for metabolomic data of a envorinmental samples?

We have a substantial amount of environmentally sourced metabolomics data and I have heard a suggestion that Lefse can be used to analyse this due to the metabolomics data following the same data distributions as microbiome datasets. The use of it in this premise would of course be to identify important metabolites between samples.

Hello there,
Yes, you should be able to use LEfSe for this purpose, because as you have stated they are similarly distributed. I would note that our more recent tool MaAsLin has been used for metabolomics data in the past and does find the statistically significant per-feature difference between categorical or continuous data.


Awesome thank you :slight_smile: It is a given that metabolomics data always follows Posiion/negative binomial distributions then? I will give this other tool a look!