Install MetaPhlAn 3

Could we please try out MetaPhlAn 3?
I went to the page but it stalled. Please let us know where to go.
Joan Slonczewski and Daniel Barich
Kenyon College

Dear Joan,
what is the page you are referring to?
I’ll leave here a direct link to the Github repository

I see, yes, will try that.
The page I was directed to by Google was:

It looks like that at the time you tried to reach GitHub, the website was having some issues and went unreachable.
Now it is now working correctly.

The webpage that Google directed you to is kinda in progress, we are in the process of creating the new pages for describing the new software

Thanks. We would like to try MetaPhlAn 3 if you think it’s ready for users. We have some exciting data on drug-resistant bacteria in rural stream microbiomes.
Daniel Barich will give it a try.

Joan L. Slonczewski
Professor of Biology
Higley Hall, 202 N. College Road
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 43022
Phone: 740-427-5397
Text: 740-504-2215

Yes, it is ready! We have updated the marker database including more species, also environmental associated