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HUMAnN and MaAsLin Analysis Vignette

I have noticed a couple of old questions (e.g. unanswered question by deepchanda7) in the forum regarding how to do a standard MaAsLin 2 analysis using HUMAnN outputs as input. Wouldn’t it be good to add a section to the software’s Bioconductor vignette, to have it stored somewhere central and easily accessible to all new users?

Hi @Dario,

Thank you for reaching out! Some of that information is included in the tutorial hosted by our lab - which is pushed to Bioconductor occasionally. We do regularly update our tutorial and will add the information about using MaAsLin on functional data soon. Thanks for the suggestion!


The tutorial only includes an example of processing MetaPhlAn output and there is no mention of HUMAnN output in it. deepchanda7 raised some issues that are specific to the HUMAnN output and these are not addressed in the MaAsLin GitHub tutorial nor the MaAsLin Bioconductor vignette.