Formatting maaslin plots and heatmap

I performed an analysis of maaslin2 and got the scatterplots and the heatmap that are automatically generated.
However, I would like to make some adjustments to the figures, for example, the tax name of the y axis and the length of the tax in the heatmap. What is the best way to do this?

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Hi @Lena_Lapidot - at this moment, the best approach is to do it independently using external packages. You can take a look at the visualization source code if you want to maintain a similar format as MaAsLin 2. In a future release, we would like to output the ggplot2 objects so that the users are able to manipulate them according to their needs. However, until that happens, using external packages is possibly the best solution.


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Hi @himel.mallick,

I think it is a great idea to output the ggplot2 objects. I would like to whether it is available or not. If it is not available, could you give me additional detail instructions on how work with the visualization source code to change the figures’ formats generated by maaslin 2?

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Le Phuong Nguyen.