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Extract processed data from MaAsLin2


I’m using MaAsLin2 version 1.2.0, and I want to change the layout for the output plots, is it possible to extract the processed data so I can redo the plots myself?

Thank you!

Hi @silverno,

Which plots are you looking to recreate? The heatmap can easily be re-made from the significant results tsv file.

The scatter and boxplot are a bit more complicated if you did not feed MaAsLin relative abundance data - but can easily be recreated in ggplot using your input data table usually, as they are typically metadata on the x-axis and relative abundance of the feature on the y-axis (e.g. pre-transformed data). Already on our list for the next iteration of MaAsLin is to print out the fully processed data tables.

I hope this helps! Let me know if it doesn’t.

I was hoping to redo the boxplots using processed data. It is good to know the next iteration will include a processed dataset. Thank you so much!