Feature addition: saving output plots to an object

Hi all,

posting also here from the GitHub repository, as suggested.
Been using Maaslin2 in R with pleasure, thank you for developing the tool as an R package.

It would be a really great feature if the Maaslin2() function could optionally save the plots to a list/object in R. That would allow the user to access desired plots having the complete functionality of ggplot2 available (mainly combining plots in panels, and eventually customization). Was not able to find this already implemented, and the function itself if redirected to an object saves the tables but not the plots.

Are there any plans tor interest to implement this feature? I feel that should be quite straightforward but don’t have much experience in development, maybe something around the temp_plot object in the viz.R script?


Hi @FrancescoVit,

This is something we have been considering! I had some internal discussions with the lab and we think it’s a great idea! It might not get added as a feature to MaAsLin 2 but it’s definitely on the list for MaAsLin 3. Thank you for the suggestion, it’s definitely something we have been thinking about!