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Extra information study “Structure of the Mucosal and Stool Microbiome in Lynch Syndrome”

I’m writing a systematic review about non-invasive tests for diagnosing colorectal neoplasia in patients with Lynch Syndrome.

Your article entitled “Structure of the Mucosal and Stool Microbiome in Lynch Syndrome” was identified during our literature search and I read this article with great interest. Your results could be very valuable for our systematic review. However, I have a few questions regarding your study:
You compared stool samples of patients with and without adenomas, and found that in patients having adenomas a subset of clostridiaceae was depleted, whereas Ruminococcaceae and Desulfovibrio were enriched. As we are interested in the feasibility of using the fecal microbiome as marker for detection of neoplasia: are you able to provide us for example sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value rates of these 3 abundances shown to be different between adenoma and non-adenoma patients? Could you provide us the exact number of patients in both groups who were included in this analysis?

Hi there,
Thank you for your interests to our study. Hereby I attached de-identified metadata including sampleID, and baseline adenoma/interval adenoma status Dropbox - Lynch_forums_metadata.xlsx - Simplify your life . You can refer to the supplementary table 2 and get the MetaPhlAn table of stool species abundance. I believe with that two information, it’s feasible to use microbiome as markers for detection of neoplasia. Thanks.