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Multi-omics of the gut microbial ecosystem in inflammatory bowel diseases

Dear Huttenhower professor:
As mentioned in your article,your groups followed 132 subjects for one year each to generate integrated longitudinal molecular profiles of host and microbial activity during disease.So I want to know whether the patients has been sick during this year?Are they being treated all year?I just considered that if patients had a state of health during this year,it would affect metagenomic analysis.I’d appreciate it if you could reply.

Yours sincerely,
Zhang Jing

Hi Zhang,

Apologies for getting back to you late. Almost all of the patients in the study were “non-healthy”. They were mostly seen because they had some GI issue to begin with that turned out to not be IBD although some can be considered healthy since:

  1. We recruited a small number of truly healthy volunteers too
  2. Sometimes the original issue turned out to be irrelevant.

There are several metadata columns that can correlate to disease state at each time point.
Metadata Download Link Here