Error uploading data for lefse

Hi, I have attempted to upload data to Galaxy/Hutlab for lefse analysis but I am getting an error. The error is “Failed: Bad Request (400)”. I have tried using the data provided by the lefse tutorial (hmp_small_aerobiosis.txt) and my own data, and I receive the same error each time. I have successfully uploaded these datasets for lefse analysis on previous occasions, but I have been receiving the upload error since yesterday (29/09/20).
Hopefully someone can help?

Hi Stephen,

Sorry that you had trouble connecting to the server! This is an intermittent issue that we are aware of and have been working to find a permanent fix for. Can you try again and see if you get the same issue?


Hi Kelsey,
It is working again. Thank you!

Hello Kelsey,

I receive since 2 weeks the same error. I just old datasets that used to work and I receive the same error.

Heleen Delbeke