Error Received- Failed: Please make sure the file is available. (500)

I am getting this " Failed: Please make sure the file is available. (500)", I have tried with different data I know has worked in the past and I am getting the same result. Any help is greatly appreciated

I am also getting this error today when trying to upload files that I have previously uploaded with no problems.

The same for me, I have uploaded files that previously worked but not today

I am also getting the same result. I want to test for LEfse, so I was following the tutorial but it is showing the error in file uploading

While looking around I have seen that this has been a problem since at least 2020, there was a forum somewhere else that had almost an identical problem to what was happening now. The puzzling part is that I know it has worked after 2020 since I have used this program with success in 2021.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are looking into it and I will update here when we have a fix.


Hi all,

The file upload issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused by the issue.


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