Downlodaing UniRef90 full database

Could anyone help me with a dropbox or any other link to download UniRef90_annotated_v201901b_full database? I am trying from Index of /databases/HUMAnN but unable to do so. Previously, I downloaded uniref90_annotated_v201901.tar.gz through humann_databases --download uniref uniref90_diamond $INSTALL_LOCATION but facing version related issue. I am using humann v3.0.0.

Any help is much appreciated.

Can you post the error message you are seeing? Using humann_databases is still the preferred way to fetch the databases (we don’t have them mirrored in Dropbox, unless someone else has done that unofficially).

Hi Eric, @franzosa I am using humann v3.0.0. I have downloaded Chocophlan and Uniref90 full databases running humann_databases --download chocophlan full $INSTALL_LOCATION and humann_databases --download uniref uniref90_diamond $INSTALL_LOCATION respectively. I have paired-end data, and converted it to a single file through cat.
when I ran humann --input SLG_cat.fastq --output humann3_output I am getting an error message CRITICAL ERROR: The directory provided for ChocoPhlAn contains files ( full_chocophlan.v296_201901.tar.gz ) that are not of the expected version. Please install the latest version of the database: 201901b.

I followed this link Difficulty downloading databases in humann3 - #24 by sagunmaharjann and downloaded full_chocophlan.v296_201901b.tar.gz and configured the path. when I reran humann --input SLG_cat.fastq --output humann3_output I got another error CRITICAL ERROR: The directory provided for ChocoPhlAn does not contain files of the expected format (ie ‘^[g__][s__]’).
I am unable to detect where I’m doing wrong.
Pls help me out.

It looks like you have the original zipped archive (full_chocophlan.v296_201901.tar.gz) in the folder with the unzipped contents. HUMAnN is complaining because that file doesn’t look like a pangenome. If you move that file out of the unzipped pangenomes folder it should solve this problem.

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Thanks Eric, It works!