Can I possibly use mpa_v30 on an older version of metaphlan?

Hello everyone,

I would like to seek some help on using an older version of metaphlan (version 1) to run the database mpa_v30.
I don’t have much permit to install new packages on our server so I was trying to run an older version of metaphlan to resolve the phylogeny of my metagenomic data.

I was wondering if I can, and how I can apply the newest version of db v30 to the older version of metaphlan.

many thanks,

Hello @Cheng_Li , I don’t know if you resolved your problem. Anyway, I think that latest versions of the databases are not backward compatible, as repoted here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Marco. A staff from my facility helped me to compile the environment on our server. Now I am able to run Metaphlan and Humann3 now. :slight_smile: