Where can i get metaphlan_databases information?

Hello there

I am using StrainPhlAn 3.0 to analyze metagenomic sequencing data to obtain the SNP results of several species. When i using StrainPhlAn 3.0 workflow, I need to clarify the species information, such as:

extract_markers.py -c s__Ruminococcus_sp_5_1_39BFAA -o db_markers/

I know that the metaphlan_databases information is used in this analysis, but the database file is a .pkl file.

My question is, where can I get the species information stored in the metaphlan_databases? This is more beneficial to my analysis


Hi @wanjin.hu ,
This is the latest marker information file: mpa_v30_CHOCOPhlAn_201901_marker_info.txt.bz2