What is the approximate running time of a sample and how to reduce the running time

I am using humann3.9 and metaphlan4.1 for fastq file processing. I want to know if it is normal to process a fastq.gz file of about 5GB that takes close to 12 hours. Moreover, I have 2000 such samples, how can I reduce the overall running time of my project. Here are the parameters:
humann --input /public/home/CXZX03/perl5/3_tasks/1_metaphlan/demo/AA0001.fq.gz --threads 24 --search-mode uniref90 --remove-temp-output --nucleotide-database /public/home/CXZX03/perl5/2_data_base/humann/chocophlan --protein-database /public/home/CXZX03/perl5/2_data_base/humann/uniref_90 --output /public/home/CXZX03/perl5/3_tasks/2_humann/output/tmp --metaphlan-options=“–bowtie2db /public/home/CXZX03/perl5/2_data_base/Metaphlan4/vJun23”