Time of analysis questions

Hi, I am able to get humann3 up and running, however, our fastq files are quite large (10-12 GB each), and we have 24 samples. Would you know if this would take hours or days using 40 cores (threads)? Thank you!

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Carla Uranga

That’s pretty similar to the size of the files we used in benchmarking HUMAnN 3 (30M 150 nt reads). Depending on the settings, those ran for 8-16 hours using 5 cores, almost all of which is spent during translated search. I have found that performance doesn’t necessarily scale linearly with the number of cores per sample, such that you’re probably better off running e.g. 8 samples in parallel with 5 cores each vs. 1 sample at a time with 40 cores.

Hi, i’m having similar issues. Can I ask how exactly do you achieve this?
Thank you