Similarity Index (RTSI) score for each sample

hi,I have a question here:how to choose the score(RTSI)?

G83321	0.255842678945162
G83168	0.174111718264126
G83192	0.214340281152597
G82952	0.15446229607966
G82627	0.365408045254488
G83955	0.503930935069322
G83885	0.239298244316349
G84147	0.336503967113575
G83001	0.169264999634461
G83234	0.556711572901915


Hi @wfgui - we do not recommend any particular threshold but we observed that higher RTSI scores corresponded to better prediction accuracy in our dataset (Supplementary Figure 7 in the original manuscript). So please choose an arbitrary but not-unreasonable threshold as you feel appropriate for your dataset.