Scientific names not found in NCBI Taxonomy Browser

I’m using Metaphlan 4.0 and cannot understand what these labels mean in the scientific names below:

k__Bacteria|p__Firmicutes|c__CFGB1230|o__OFGB1230|f__FGB1230|g__GGB3008|s__GGB3008_SGB3999 k__Bacteria|p__Firmicutes|c__CFGB1395|o__OFGB1395|f__FGB1395|g__GGB3388|s__GGB3388_SGB4476

I’ve searched in the NCBI extensively and I don’t understand where these labels were taken and what they mean (for example: s__GGB3008_SGB3999). I’m having trouble justifying them in my research.

Hi @Anderson
The taxonomies you are showing here above correspond to several unknown SGBs (uSGBs), i.e. SGBs defined purely by metagenomic-assembled genomes (MAGs). As the uSGBs by definition do not contain any reference genome in NBCI, some part of their taxonomy are totally unknown and thus, we assign them a numeric identifier. The 6 cases you are showing below are uSGBs that are unknown up to the phylum level, this is, we did not find any reference genome that shared, at least, 70% identity with them, and thus, we are only confident to assign a phylogeny up to the phylum.
If you are interested in more details about the SGBs and the MetaPhlAn 4 database, please, have a look at the following works:

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