Problem with HUMAnN2 installing

hi ,I am the new to learn HUMAnN2.I followed HUMAnN 2.0 User Manual to Initial Installation:
firstly,I download HUMAnN 2.0 successfully by command $ git clone
the next is installing with pip according to the User Manual, the problem is that it is still installing even one day later.I do not know if that’s normal :neutral_face:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Thanks for the detailed post and sorry to hear about the installation issues. Yes it should install in a few minutes so a day does seem like there might be an issue with the install. Looking at the info you posted I wonder if pip is failing and that is causing the issue. Have you tried upgrading your pip install? You could also try adding the “–verbose” option when running pip install to see if you can get a bit more info about what might be going on.

Thank you,