No association found while running Maaslin2

I’m working on water metagenomics. So, I’m using humann3 for metabolic profiling and needed to find the significant gene families and pathway associated with it. For that I’m using maaslin2. I’m keeping metadata as pH, salinity, TDS, turbidity. I also have a categorical parameter. But, while keeping pH, salinity, TDS, turbidity as fixed effect and categorical parameter as random effect, I’m not getting any association. Can you please suggest me a way to solve this

Hi @anju,

If you didn’t end up with any associations with the variables you are testing and you expect there to be some you could go back and make sure that your model was not misspecified or the input data and metadata are what you were expecting.

Although it’s also possible that there are no associations to be found. Without knowing more its hard to say.

Jacob Nearing