MetaCyc - how to install

Hi dear forum,

I am running the pipeline in a conda environment with humann v.3.6., installed using the instructions on the website.

I seem to miss the pathways/MetaCyc folder though, humann_test complains about a missing


Any idea how I could install this db? humann_databases --available just gives me the options of chocphlan, uniref and utility-mapping (all installed).

Or has this to do with the upcoming MetaCyc license crackdown?

Please advise! And happy holidays!

Hello, Can you try running a demo data set through the tool? If you still see the same error I wonder if there was an issue with your HUMAnN software install as that file should be installed at the same time as the software. If so, try re-installing the HUMAnN v3.6 software and it should resolve the issue.