MAG sequences used in MetaPhlAn 4 data base

I am wondering if there is a way to access the MAG sequences used for various taxa genome bins in the MetaPhlAn 4 data base. I know that the supplementary table 1 in the pre-print has a list of GCA Ids and MAG IDs for each taxa, but there is no information about where to access the MAG sequences.

I suspect the answer is currently “no”, based on another post (About the Metaphlan4 reference genome - #2 by aitor.blancomiguez), but I’ll remain hopeful. If there is no current list of URLs to access and download MAGs, is there any plans in the future to do so?

Thank you!

Hi @JJGiacomini
Unfortunately, we do not have the MAGs sequences available, but we are currently working on a system to share all the genomes that will be included in the future ChocoPhlAn(SGB) databases (release date TBD)