Maaslin2 for transcriptomic data

Hello everyone
I was wondering if it’s possible to utilize Maaslin2 as a tool to discriminate between two groups with Real-Time PCR data on mRNA transcription or if there are different tests that can be run and that output similar results as Maaslin2 on this type of data.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Letizia_Iuffrida,

We actually created a special “flavor” of Maaslin2 that directly deals with transcriptomic data with the goal of normalizing the transcript levels by the abundance of DNA in the sample that corresponds with that gene/taxon.

See here: Statistical approaches for differential expression analysis in metatranscriptomics | Bioinformatics | Oxford Academic)

If you don’t have both transcriptomics and DNA sequencing data for the gene of interest then you can still go ahead and use maaslin2 but with the caveat that the difference your seeing could be either due to expression or the overall underlying abundance of DNA that codes for that gene.

hope that is helpful.

Jacob Nearing