Links Between Protein and reaction


To complete your analysis which has already helped me greatly, I make the link between proteins and pathways to obtain the present and absent reactions in each pathway. For this, I used your files metacyc_reactions_level4ec_only.uniref.bz2 and metacyc_pathways_structured_filtered_v24. I would have liked to know how you made the file metacyc_reactions_level4ec_only.uniref.bz2 (database used, versions…) because for some reactions, I do not find your results in databases like rhea, metaNetX or raw metacyc files. You seem to have more gene-reaction links than any other base.
for example : the protein G6EQV4 have a link to reaction RXN0-1441 in your file but i do not find this links in other database.

Thanks in advance,