LEfSe input file format question

I encountered the problem in Figure 1 below when I used the lefse tool to convert the input file format. The names of the flora in our input file have no family and genus relationship, as shown in Figure 2. The seniors in the lab said that the previous version of lefse ran without problems. I checked the data file, there should be no such problem in the error report, I put this code separately to run, and no error was reported. Can you help me explain the reason for this error and how I should fix it? In addition, in our input file, does the name of the bacteria meet the requirements?
Due to confidentiality reasons, I can only put some screenshots.
Thank you very much!
figure 1

figure 2

Nothing obvious jumps out to me as a problem, although it is possible that the class and subclass variables cannot have numerical names. If you change those to other names (e.g. “A”, “B”, …") and that doesn’t fix the problem, can you let me know which version of the software you’re using and I can investigate further?
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