LEFse cladogram

Hi, I could not display the full taxon name of the legend labels on left side of graph while drawing the plot cladogram in LEFse analysis. Some of the indicator/legend labels are as follows. How can I do this?


Thanks for your question–I think what you’re looking for is full taxonomy, as in, all levels from Kingdom to the clade specified (e.g. down to Family for a.), correct? I don’t believe there’s a way to do that in LEfSe automatically; you may need to import the .svg output file into Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator and make manual changes to the figure labels.
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Hi Meg, Thank you for your kindly reply. When drawing the plot of LEFse results, I was displaying the full name of the taxon by entering “-1” in the “Number of label levels to be displayed (-1 means all)” part. Therefore, I thought I could do the same thing. Thanks a lot.