Why am I not obtaining appropriate cladogram?

Hello, I am running LefSe on Galaxy and have obtained a few differential features by the same. But when I try to plot cladogram regarding the same, I am getting weird non conclusive image. Why is this happening?

This would happen if you don’t have any taxonomic classification data available, or if that information wasn’t correctly entered in. I’m attaching a sample file to show how these should appear, but generally you should have “|” between your level classifications, for example, “Bacteria|Proteobacteria|Gammaproteobacteria|Enterobacteriales|Enterobacteriaceae|Klebsiella”.
hmp_aerobiosis_small.txt (660.1 KB)

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Thanks @mishort . That solved my issue.
Yes, I just replaced and added | in between my taxonomic levels and the cladogram was ready.