Issue with running StrainPhlAn 4.1 - Error in running


I am encountering an issue while running StrainPhlAn 4.1 following the tutorial. When I execute the command ‘ -i sams/SRS014613.sam.bz2 -o consensus_markers -n 16 --debug’, I receive the following error message:

I am unsure how to resolve this issue. Could you please help me understand what might be causing this error and how I can overcome it?

I have followed the tutorial instructions precisely and have used the input file ‘SRS014613.sam.bz2’ as provided. Additionally, I have made sure that I am using StrainPhlAn 4.1.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi @mona
Could you move the post to the StrainPhlAn subforum to better adress your problem?