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Humann3 zero species selected from prescreen

Hello, I am running humann3 on a metatranscriptome sample from a lake. In the sample, I am expecting lots of algae and bacterial species. However, when I run humman3, I get zero species selected and 92% unaligned reads.
Is there a reason why zero species are selected in the metaphlan prescreen? Thanks for your help!

Below is my output:

Running metaphlan …

Total species selected from prescreen: 0

Selected species explain 0.00% of predicted community composition

No species were selected from the prescreen.
Because of this the custom ChocoPhlAn database is empty.
This will result in zero species-specific gene families and pathways.

Running diamond …

Aligning to reference database: uniref90_201901b_full.dmnd

Total bugs after translated alignment: 1
unclassified: 261886 hits

Total gene families after translated alignment: 3892

Unaligned reads after translated alignment: 92.0665000000 %