Humann3 (alph - humann_infer_taxonomy updates?

I saw on humann3 splash page that humann_infer_taxonomy is being updated, but still not available for humann3. Is there any timeline for when this script will be added to humann3? I am using mouse metagenomic datasets and reads mapping to pangenomes is low (~15% of total reads) and I would like to use humann_infer_taxonomy to better classify the Uniref90 identifications (~50% of total reads) at taxonomic levels.

Best regards,
Russ Fling

Hi Russ - We don’t have an exact date set, but I expect it to be soon. I have finished all the work on these updates and they are staged to be included in the next release of HUMAnN 3.0 alongside updates to the MetaCyc pathways. The work on the pathways is ongoing and we want to release them together since they both require updates to the HUMAnN “accessory” (non-sequence) databases.